How to Become a Social Worker in Illinois

What Types of Social Work Licenses are Available in Illinois?

In the state of Illinois social workers provide social services to individuals and communities in many diverse ways, including social research, social welfare, community organization, and working in independent practice.

In Illinois the Social Worker can practice with one of two licenses:

The differences in these two licenses are simply education and time.   All information on this page is derived from the IDFRP Board for Professional Social Workers.

What are the Degree Requirements for a Social Worker in Illinois?

In Illinois the entry level degree requirement to practice as a Social Worker is a Master's degree.    The Master's degree must be earned an an accredited social work program in order for the candidate to sit for the state board exam.

Below is a table that illustrates the educational path of the social worker in Illinois, and also highlights schools that offer these programs.

Arizona Social Work Licenses
Education RequirementsEducation LengthAvailable Programs
LSW (Licensed  Social Work)Master's 6-7 Years Online or Campus
LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker)Master's +3000 Clinical Hours7-8 Years Online or Campus

How do I get my LSW in illinois?

The LSW requires a Master's degree.   This Graduate degree program must be approved by the IDFRP.   As a part of the Social Work Master's Program the student will also need to complete roughly 3 years of supervised experience as a practicing social worker.   These experience hours will be under direct supervision of a LCSW.

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How do I get my LCSW in Illinois?

In Illinois there are actually two different ways to get the LCSW.  The first way is to earn your Master's degree at an accredited University.   Once you have earned your Master's degree you are then required to complete 3200 hours of supervised clinical experience.  The supervision will be by a licensed clinical social worker.

Another way to earn the LCSW is by earning a Doctorate in Social Work.  In this case the student is required to do an additional 2000 hours of course work after earning his or her degree.

For Masters or Doctoral Programs available in Illinois see our listings below.

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