Psychology Master’s Degree Programs in Indiana

What role does genetics play in how we relate to our environment? In what ways has Big Data become a powerful tool in the psychological and brain sciences? And have neuroscientists developed a compound that can be administered to avoid opioid addiction?

Psychology research in Indiana is alive and well and making its mark, thanks to leading institutions like the University of Indiana Bloomington, whose cutting-edge research efforts range from cognitive and developmental psychology to social neuroscience. Inquiries like these represent just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the latest research to come out of UIB.

As the oldest continuously operational psychology laboratory in America, the university’s Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences enjoys a strong research legacy of collaborative, interdisciplinary, and internationally renowned work. Study and practice psychology in Indiana and you’ll be part of this legacy of innovation in psychological research.

You’ll also enjoy opportunities to apply your expertise to address some of Indiana’s most pressing issues, including a rising urban crime rate, economic challenges in the state’s rural communities, and escalating rates of poverty throughout the state.

A Master’s Degree is Your Ticket to a Career in Counseling or School Psychology

To practice as a clinical psychologist in Indiana, you’ll need a doctorate degree. However, earn a master’s degree and you’ll not only have an excellent jumpstart on your doctoral work, you’ll also be qualified for the license you need to offer certain counseling services.

For example, you’ll need a master’s degree to qualify for licensure as a mental health counselor or marriage and family therapist through the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency. You’ll also need at least a master’s degree in school psychology to earn licensure as a school psychologist through the Indiana Department of Education.

Top Schools Offer Psychology Master’s Degree Programs In Indiana

Study psychology at the master’s level in Indiana and you’ll enjoy a nice host of options at leading universities. Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis offers the MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, a nationally renowned program that earned it a top pick among I/O master’s programs by the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, while Indiana Wesleyan University offers an MA in Psychology and the option to specialize in life coaching and positive psychology, or I/O psychology.

Ball State University offers an MA in Clinical Psychology, a research-intensive program that’ll prepare you for doctoral study and provide you with outstanding opportunities for independent research.

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Providing Support to a Struggling Rural Indiana

From poor economic growth to a growing addiction crisis to housing shortages, the residents of rural Southeastern Indiana are struggling. About 40 percent of the state’s population lives in rural communities.

But a new initiative by the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) seeks to address these issues and provide much-needed support to rural Hoosiers. Key initiatives here will focus on providing opportunities and programs focused on people and place-based investments, supporting economic growth and preservation, and attracting and retaining talent.

Social psychologists, social workers, and community psychologists are some of the psychology professionals called in to help transform Indiana’s rural communities.

In addition to examining the social, cultural, and economic influences affecting rural Indiana, these professionals are called upon to uncover ways to improve the situation, build collaborative relationships between community members and organizations to solve social problems, and help residents adjust to changing dynamics.

Rising Urban Crime Demands Professionals in Forensic Psychology

Indianapolis, America’s 15thlargest city, has a homicide problem. While 2016 brought a record number of homicides—149, to be exact—this number was quickly surpassed in 2017, reaching 156 murders by year’s end. Despite the city’s efforts, the murder rate in Indianapolis continues to climb, with a murder here committed every 2.37 days.

Pursue a career as a forensic psychologist in Indiana and you’ll lend your skills and expertise in all areas of the legal field, researching and observing patterns and behaviors among individuals in the system. A variety of employers will demand your talents, including police departments, private firms, prisons, and government agencies.

Featured Indiana Psychology Degree Programs