Psychology Master’s Degree Programs in Virginia

Psychology professionals interested in everything from exploring the concepts of strategic planning and quality management within workplaces… to studying the effect environmental stresses have on well-being… to helping people cope with problems and adversity all have a place in Virginia.

That’s because this state is home to everything from a booming tech industry along the Dulles Tech Corridor to dominating military and defense industries in the Hampton Roads region. And let’s not forget that our prime location near Washington D.C. means opportunities are also available for psychology careers in everything from political think tanks, lobbying organizations and public relations firms to Veteran’s Administration clinics and other federal government agencies.

In other words, the scene is set for diverse careers in the field, and as home to a robust collection of colleges and universities offering master’s programs in psychology, you’ll also find access to the education you need to get started.

A Psychology Master’s Degree is Your Road to Success in Virginia

While you’ll need a doctorate in psychology to practice as a clinical psychologist in Virginia, a master’s degree can also position you for success. In addition to preparing you for doctoral study, a master’s degree here meets the minimum educational requirement to earn licensure as a professional counselor or marriage and family therapist through the Virginia Board of Counseling.

Earn a master’s in psychology and you’ll also meet the educational requirement to earn licensure through the Virginia Department of Education as a school psychologist.

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Outstanding Professional Opportunities in Psychology Start with Superb Educational Programs

Old Dominion University offers an MS in Psychology that’s supported by a department rich in research opportunities. Faculty members and students here enjoy outstanding collaborative research experiences with organizations like the Virginia Modeling and Simulation Center, NASA, the Eastern Virginia Medical School, and the Center for Pediatric Research.

George Mason University’s MA in Psychology comes complete with the opportunity to focus your course of study on applied developmental psychology, cognitive and behavioral neuroscience, human factors/applied cognition, and I/O psychology, while James Madison University’s Department of Graduate Psychology offers an impressive selection of psychology master’s degrees, including an MA/EdS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, an MEd in School Counseling, an MA/EdS in School Counseling, an MEd in College Student Personnel Administration, and an MA in Psychological Studies.

Engineering and Industrial/Organizational Psychology is at Home Along the Dulles Tech Corridor and Beyond

Northern Virginia’s tech cluster, referred to as the Dulles Technology Corridor, is where opportunities in engineering psychology and I/O psychology abound.

This area of Virginia, which is said to rival Silicon Valley for its innovative business climate, is home to such tech and defense powerhouses as Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Capital One, and DynCorp, with other major players like Google, Lockheed Martin, and Microsoft setting up regional offices here.

Clinical and Counseling Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists in Demand in Virginia

A location near the nation’s capital has consistently placed Virginia among the top wealthiest states in the country.

A well-educated workforce with a high median household income is music to the ears of clinical and counseling psychologists and marriage and family therapists here, as this demographic has the money and resources for paying for counseling services.

Partnering with the Federal Government for Outstanding Professional Opportunities

A prime spot near Washington D.C. means plenty of open doors for Virginia’s psychology professionals with an interest in working with the federal government. Clinical and counseling psychologists are needed in the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs as they work to improve mental health services for our nation’s active duty soldiers and veterans….in the Department of Homeland Security in the areas of behavioral, social and cognitive research…and in agencies like the National Institutes of Health, the National Institute of Mental Health, and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, where they hold key positions such as program and division directors.

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Featured Virginia Psychology Degree Programs