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  • Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset: Your Success Hinges On It
    Has anyone ever told you to open your mind? Or that you’re too closed-minded about something and should learn open up a bit? Most people have. And the truth is that mindset about particular issues and life in general can tends to calcify and stagnate as we get older. Your...
  • The Mind-Boosting Effects of Exercise: How 30 Minutes Can Improve Your Mental Health
    Exercise has been described as “free medicine” for a reason: it helps you maintain a healthy body weight, can reduce your risk of certain chronic diseases, and keeps your heart healthy. What many people don’t realize is that the benefits of exercise extend far beyond your physical health. Exercise is...
  • A Guide to Understanding the Full Ramifications of Autism Spectrum Disorder
    With more and more children and adults being diagnosed with autism, people have many questions. What is autism? What are signs that a person is autistic? What is the “autism spectrum”? Can a person outgrow autism, or is it for life? Are there different kinds of autism? With so much...
  • Why Virtual Reality Is Set to Transform Mental Health Treatment
    Although you may associate virtual reality only with video games, this innovative technology has a variety of other applications. In fact, researchers are looking at virtual reality technology in connections with the treatment of mental health problems. VR technology may transform the manner in which psychiatric problems are treated. The...
  • What Is Depression And How Can We Help?
    Some people don’t believe depression is a real medical illness, saying it’s “all in your head.” And in a way, they’re correct. Depression is all in the head because it’s caused by changes in the brain’s chemistry. It’s a serious illness and should be treated with care. To dismiss depression...

Meet The Experts

  • Neeru Bakshi, MD


    Dr. Neeru Bakshi is an expert in the field of adult, as well as adolescent psychiatry and is currently the...
  • Dr. Thomas Boyce

    Industrial Organizational Psychologist

    Dr. Thomas Boyce is President and Senior Consultant at the Center for Behavioral Safety, LLC., in San Carlos,...
  • Dawnn Karen, MA

    Fashion Psychologist

    Dawnn Karen, MA, recently made history in two ways. She is the youngest professor to ever educate at the prestigious...
  • Dr. Joanne Broder Sumerson

    Media Psychologist

    When speaking about the influence of technology and media on society, we tend to look at the positive effects and...
  • Dr. Zane Zheng


    Zane Zheng, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Psychology; Faculty Fellow at Fuss Center for Research on Aging, Lasell College. His...