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It’s All About Evidence: Preparing Mental Health Counselors to Help Every Community

Back in 2017, America’s opioid epidemic was at its deadly zenith. That year, almost 48,000 people died from overdoses involving drugs like oxycodone, fentanyl, and heroin. Some began using substances recreationally and met a dire end. Others were those battling lifelong chronic pain who developed deadly dependencies on prescription painkillers. All were struggling with addiction.…
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The Real-World Applications of Investigative Interviewing Research

A shirt color. A peculiar scar. A half-remembered license plate number. Any one of these details can turn a dead-end investigation into an open-and-shut case. Detectives start mining memories for these little golden nuggets in the earliest and arguably most important part of any criminal investigation: the investigative interviewing of witnesses and victims. [xyz_feat_school] Unfortunately,…
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Why Undergraduate Psychology Research Matters

Any undergraduate psychology program will teach students basic research principles. But not every program puts that knowledge to the test. In fact, many psychology students don’t get the chance to participate in research projects until they go to graduate school — if they go to graduate school. [xyz_feat_school] But according to Dana Hirn Mueller PhD,…
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How Psychopharmacology Promotes Interdisciplinary Discovery

Anyone who’s ever taken a psychology class is probably familiar with Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. But many may not be aware of another psychological principle he discussed: a cognitive bias typically referred to as Maslow’s hammer. Even if the law of the instrument, as Maslow himself called it, isn’t so well-known, the simple statement…
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An Introduction to Psychopharmacology: Where Psychology Meets Pharmacotherapy

You can’t discuss mental health in America without taking an honest look at the scope of the crises. While there are encouraging statistics that indicate more people are talking about mental health and beginning to seek help, the data still reveals some concerning trends. For instance, the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Agency…
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