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8 Important Skills Needed to be a Psychologist

Students of psychology go through years of college training and on-the-job practical experience before they develop the skills needed to be a psychologist so they can get a chance to practice independently. You know they are spending all those classroom and clinical hours learning how to do the job… but what exactly are the psychologist…
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Counselor vs Therapist: What’s the Difference?

The answer to the question of what makes a therapist different from a counselor depends on why you are asking. If you are someone who needs treatment for a mental health issue, you might not find many differences at all. Counselors and therapists draw on the same body of knowledge and expertise for diagnosis and…
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Understanding Attachment Styles and How They Affect Your Relationships

Attachment styles psychology is one of the most interesting fields for marriage and family therapists to explore and master today. Attachment styles are all about figuring out how people relate to other people. Attachment styles in relationships can make or break that relationship. Incompatible relationship attachment styles have been found to have a strong influence…
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How to Set Professional Boundaries as a Psychologist

Learning how to set professional boundaries in psychology is a tough part of becoming a counselor or therapist. You spend a lot of your training learning how to break through walls with your clients, not figuring out how to put them up. But ask anybody in the field, and they’ll tell you that you have…
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How We Picked The Top Undergraduate Programs in Sports Psychology

Every sports psychology program is unique. That can make identifying the best a challenge—when there is no broad industry agreement on educational models for sports psych, who gets to make the call about which is best? Our approach is to use good old-fashioned human judgement and a rational evaluation process that returns to the fundamentals:…
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Everything You Need To Know About Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Narcissism is a word we usually throw around for people who take one too many selfies or double take when they walk by a mirror or a reflective building. But narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a serious psychological disorder that involves patterns of self-centered thinking--but not quite in the way we think. Instead, people with…
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How To Help Those Considering Suicide

We are facing a suicide epidemic in the United States, and throughout the world. Suicide rates are up by 30 percent across the nation since 1999, according to a recent report by federal health officials. That increase comes even as the CDC notes that only about half the people who died by suicide had a…
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