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What is Recreational Therapy? – Your Complete Guide to Understanding the Application and Benefits of Recreational Therapy in Your Psychology Practice

Sometimes the best forms of therapy are those that make us feel good. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and mental health counseling all play important roles in helping individuals recover from and manage physical and emotional issues that are impeding their quality of life. These interventions utilize proven techniques that are administered by trained and licensed…
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Counselor Salary: How Much Do Counselors Make?

If you are considering a career in counseling, your paycheck is probably at least a little way down the list of things you are thinking about. You’re the kind of empathetic, caring, considerate person who is mostly in the game to help other people who are struggling. You probably already do that for friends and…
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Top 5 Police Reform Priorities Social Workers are Promoting

As if the psychological health and well-being of the American public wasn’t already impacted enough by the COVID-19 pandemic, the June murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis set off a simmering pile of racial and social justice issues. Probably primed by extended periods of isolation and growing unemployment, the unrest burst into open protest in…
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6 Ways Psychology Professionals Can Protect Themselves and Their Patients When Social Distancing Restrictions Are Finally Relaxed

There has been a lot of buzz in psychology circles about the sudden shift that the field has made to offer services remotely. COVID-19 and the strict social distancing requirements that followed might have been what kickstarted the trend, but there’s good reason to believe that telehealth will be a very normal way to provide…
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Science Shows That Being Trapped with Your Kids in Quarantine Really Can Lead to a Mental Breakdown

Some psychologists trying to stay productive while isolating at home have been preparing for the big wave of COVID-19-related mental health issues by combing through the research on past pandemics to get an idea of what types of issues to expect. This has led many of us in the field to unearth a body of…
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Can Instagram Be a Viable Platform for Providing Therapy Under COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Orders?

Like a lot of other work that used to be conducted primarily in person, counseling and therapy services have been abruptly shifting to an online-only format – all while trying to figure out where we fall on the essential services totem and interpret the mixed bag of stay-at-home orders handed down from state and local…
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In the Years Ahead, Addressing the Long-Term Psychological Effects of the COVID-19 Outbreak Will Fall to Today’s Psychology Students

With sirens constantly sounding through the streets of the major cities of the world, and bodies piling up in temporary morgues set up in freezer trucks outside hospitals, the physical effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are gripping the attention of the world right now. With the worst yet to come, that focus isn’t going to…
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