Becoming a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist in Minnesota

There are certain requirements that a person must meet in order to become a licensed marriage family therapist in the state of Minnesota. Marriage family therapists help couples and families deal with any issues that they may be having with each other. The main goal of family therapist is to undercover the issues that a couple or family is having and to help them be able to communicate their feelings in a positive way to better their relationships.

For those that wish to become a marriage family therapist in the state of Minnesota the requirements for this position are outlined below.

Educational Requirements for Marriage Family Therapists in Minnesota

Licensure for becoming a marriage family therapist in the state of Minnesota is a four step process that consists of education requirements, post-graduate experience, a national examination and a state oral examination. Individuals must submit evidence of these qualifications in order to receive their license.

MFT Educational TrackEducation RequirementsEducation LengthAvailable Programs
Undergraduate WorkEarn a Bachelor's Degree in Counseling4 YearsOnline or Campus
Graduate WorkEarn a Master's Degree in Counseling5-6 YearsOnline or Campus
PHD or Doctoral WorkEarn a Doctorate in Counseling7-8 YearsOnline or Campus

The educational requirements include that a person must have a master’s degree or doctoral degree in marriage and family therapy. The graduate degree must come from a college or university that has been approved by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education from the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. In the alternative a person may have completed a master’s degree or doctoral degree program from an educational program that is regionally accredited in a field that is related and the course work has been considered by the board to be equivalent to that which is required.

Before applying for a master’s degree or doctoral degree program a student should first make sure that it is accredited by the appropriate association. If the program is accredited the coursework that is taken for the degree will meet the licensure requirements of the state. If the program is not accredited the following coursework and graduate practicum requirements include:

  • 9 semester hours or 12 quarter hours of Human Development courses
  • 9 semester hours or 12 quarter hours of marital and family studies
  • 9 semester hours or 12 quarter hours of marital and family therapy
  • One course in research methods
  • One course in professional studies

In addition to the above the applicant must have completed a clinical practicum of at least 300 hours. No more than 150 hours of the practicum may be working with individuals.

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Additional Requirements for Marriage Family Therapists in Minnesota

Once the education requirements have been met the applicant must file an application for National Examination with the Minnesota State Licensing Board. The application committee of the board will review the application to ensure that the individual has met all of the education and practicum requirements for licensing. If the application is approved by the board then the applicant will be able to apply to take the National MFT examination.

In addition to the practicum the applicant must complete a minimum of two years or 4000 hours of post graduate supervised experience in marriage and family therapy. This must include at least 1000 hours of face to face therapy with at least half of these hours being with family groups or couples. These 1000 hours of experience should include experience in assessing, diagnosing, and treatment of mental illnesses. The rest of the hours should include everything else that a person would be expected to do as a professional in this field including preparation for sessions, notes on cases, staff meetings, and continuing education. All of this work should be supervised by a Minnesota mental health professional.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Career Outlook In Minnesota

Overall, the job outlook for marriage family therapists is very good. There is a high expectation for career growth in this field. In the state of Minnesota there were 820 individuals employed as marriage family therapists in 2010. The average mean salary of these professionals in the state of Minnesota was $48,650. The national average wage for mental health employees is $38,150 and for those working in marriage and family therapy the average wage is $45,720.

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