Earn a Degree and Learn How to Become a Licensed Professional Counselor in Florida

To become a licensed professional counselor in Florida, you will need to have gone to a college/university that is accredited by Counseling and Related Educational Programs, also known as CACREP. A Master’s degree is needed when you consider practicing as a counselor in Florida. If you have met the degree requirements for this specific state and you have had your supervised hours completed, you must pass the exam to be able to hold your Florida Counselor License.

What Are the Requirements to Become a Counselor in Florida?

You will need to have completed graduate school. Having gone through an internship while in college will benefit you tremendously. However, one main aspect is that you will need to make sure you apply for your license and take any extra necessary exams to get started to become a counselor in Florida. A master’s degree is required to become fully licensed, as well as 60 semester hours, or the option of 80-quarter hours. You must also meet the requirements for supervised experience as well.

Counseling Educational Track
Education Requirements Education Length Available Programs
Undergraduate Work Earn a Bachelor's Degree in Counseling 4 Years Online or Campus
Graduate Work Earn a Master's Degree in Counseling 5-6 Years Online or Campus
PHD or Doctoral Work Earn a Doctorate in Counseling 7-8 Years Online or Campus

What Are the Supervised Experience Requirements to Become a Counselor in Florida?

The Supervised Experience Requirements that must be met to become a Counselor in Florida state that there must be at least 3 semester hours or 4-quarter hours with coursework that is at the graduate level. The following 12 hours must have been studied while being supervised:

  • Counseling Theories
  • Human Growth, Development
  • Diagnosis of Psychopathology
  • Human Sexuality
  • Group Theories
  • Individual Evaluation/Assessment
  • Career/ Lifestyle Assessment
  • Research/ Program Evaluation
  • Social/ Cultural Foundations
  • Community Series Counseling
  • Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Legal, Professional, and Ethics Issues
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The CACREP requires an equivalent of 1,000 hours that is supervised of Clinical Practicum, field experience, or internship. There is a requirement for direct counseling practice of a minimum 280 hours, including a minimum of one hour per week that is supervised. A formal evaluation is necessary after completion.

If you do not meet the requirements of the degree program, you will need to re-take it before beginning the period of the post-master’s supervision. As of then, you will be registered as an intern.

Prior to applying for your professional licensure, you will need to take two mandatory classes. These are the following: three-hour class specifically about HIV/AIDS, along with a two-hour class specifically about domestic violence.

What Are the Examination Requirements to Become a Counselor in Florida?

In order to become a Florida Counselor, you must complete the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Exam, NCMHCE successfully to become licensed. The examination requirements also state that there is a registration fee of $195.00 that you need to send in along with a registration form.

If you are an out of state applicant and already have your license in that state, you will need to apply for the licensure by endorsement. This type of licensure is for individuals who do not have documentation that the supervised experience was met.

Note: For more information on how to become a counselor in the state of Florida, refer to the Florida Board of Clinical Social Work,  Marriage & Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling

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