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Even as recently as 20 years ago, counseling therapy carried a negative stigma that may have kept some people who were too embarrassed or afraid to get the help they needed. But counseling therapy has come a long way since then and now society doesn’t only recognize the importance of therapists and therapy, but many members of society have used counseling and therapy to better themselves and their lives. Therapists are trained to tackle all sorts of human issues and disorders and the work can be emotional and trying. But there is nothing better than helping people find contentment and there is no greater reward than hearing a former patient tell you how much of an impact you have made on their lives.

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Stephanie Sarkis, PhD
Dr. Serena Wadhwa
Marcia Hanlon
Janet S. Civitelli
Jeff St. John, Ph.D.
Genna Green, B.S.
Stephanie Mihalas, Ph.D., NCSP
Tamara Hill, MS, LPC-BE
Shannon Battle, M.A.
Stacy Haynes, Ed.D., LPC
Kristen Martinez, MEd, Ed.S, LMHCA , NCC
Jacqueline Gagliardi, M.ED, CAGS, LMFT
Christian Dean
Lanada Williams, MA, NCC, LPC, LCPC
Karen Koenig, LCSW, M.Ed.
Frank Healy, LPC
Tomanika Witherspoon, BSW, LCSW
Traci Lowenthal, Psy.D.
Dawn C. Reid, MS
Jasmin Terrany
Dr. Darren Adamson
Elizabeth Sullivan
Kurt Smith, MFT, LPC
Mindy Utay
Tina Gilbertson, LPC
Felicia Meadows
Kelly Crossing
Dr. Rachel Needle
Sari Cooper, LCSW
Jennifer Foust, PhD, MS, LMHC
Lisa Haisha, M.A.
Ramani Durvasula, Ph.D.
Dr. Tracy Thomas, Ph.D.
Saba Harouni, LMFT ATR BC
Renee Beck, MFT