Social Work Degrees, Schools, and Careers in Delaware

In Delaware, social work education is simple to understand. There is one school in the state that offers social work degrees – historically black college Delaware State University – and it offers both a Bachelor of Social Work degree (BSW) and a Masters of Social Work degree (MSW). This doesn’t mean that these are the only options available to students in Delaware. But it does mean that there is only one state-specific institution that is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. The good news is that at least there is a cost-effective option in the state that offers degree pathways to licensure. The school’s BSW program has been accredited since 1982 and the MSW program was accredited in 1986.

Delaware also has a tiny professional social work community. Child, family and school social workers (1,120) make up more than half of the state’s roughly 2,000 professional social workers according to the latest data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. These social workers make an annual average salary of between $39,480 and $50,000 for mental health and substance abuse social workers and even $60,000 for other types of social workers as well.

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The Delaware Board of Clinical Social Work Examiners is responsible for approving licensure for applicants in the state. According to the Board, its primary objective is to “protect the public from unsafe practices and practices which tend to reduce competition or fix prices for services.” In Delaware it is only fitting that while other states issue multiple types of license, Delaware issues only a clinical license. In order to qualify, applicants must have a doctoral or master's degree in clinical social work from an accredited school and two years of clinical social work experience acceptable to the Board. That experience is made up of 3,200 hours and half of that number needs to be under supervision.

Delaware Social Work Degrees, Schools, and Careers

The program at Delaware State University is ranked among the top 150 in the country according to rankings from U.S. World News & Report. The MSW program has one concentration — advanced generalist practice.  Students prepare for advanced practice with families, organizations, and communities and when they graduate from the program they have the knowledge and the skills to address and help treat issues such as poverty, emotional problems, substance abuse issues and mental health concerns.

The program is offered on the main campus and in Wilmington on the satellite campus.  Students may enroll at either campus and can take classes at both campuses simultaneously. The program is competitive and requires references as well as a 3.0 GPA to be considered for admission. But the program is also well-known in the state for providing students with relevant work experience.

Online Social Work Schools in Delaware

Unfortunately, Delaware State doesn’t offer online social work degree programs and thus there aren’t any CSWE-accredited online social work degree programs in the state. But, there are options from schools that are open to students across the country. Western New Mexico University has an online BSW program that is open to anyone in the country. Boise State University and USC have accredited online MSW programs that are open to anyone in the country and do not require campus visits.

Career Opportunities for Social Workers in Delaware

The state of Delaware is one of the largest employers of social workers in the state and it is always looking for youth rehabilitation workers, psychiatric social workers and clinical social workers of any kind. St. Francis Hospital is also looking for social workers as are more niche organizations such as adoption organizations, neighborhood organizations and mental health organizations. The Delaware Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers has a job board on its website and is a great resource for tips on passing the licensure exam and passing all the necessary licensure requirements.

For more information about the process of becoming a social worker in Delaware, visit our page on Delaware social worker license requirements.

Child, Family, and School Social Workers Salary in Delaware

United States$27,800$34,230$43,250$56,740$75,140
Dover, DE$25,530$30,000$36,250$42,350$47,520
Wilmington, DE-MD-NJ Metropolitan Division$28,700$33,880$38,490$46,850$58,160

Table data taken from 2016 BLS (

Healthcare Social Workers Salary in Delaware

United States$32,750$41,620$53,760$65,860$80,020
Dover, DE$36,240$40,000$47,530$56,290$63,520
Wilmington, DE-MD-NJ Metropolitan Division$35,760$40,420$47,900$56,640$64,140

Table data taken from 2016 BLS (

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers Salary in Delaware

United States$26,730$33,240$42,700$56,610$74,650
Dover, DE$34,660$41,510$51,360$59,050$69,500
Wilmington, DE-MD-NJ Metropolitan Division$35,140$40,190$45,820$52,500$59,790

Table data taken from 2016 BLS (

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