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  • Looking For Advice? Psychology Professors Give Key Tips to Students
    Have you ever wished you could read your professor’s mind? Have you tried to imagine their thought processes just so you can do well on exams? We understand! That is why we have asked three distinguished psychology professors a pair of vital questions that may help you conquer your college...
  • How to Get Better Grades in Your Psychology Degree Program
    Believe it or not, professors are people too. In fact, they once sat where you – the college student – are sitting right now. No one is born a professor, and even the most highly revered scholar was once a freshman sweating out his first mid-term. Truth of the matter...
  • MFT Comparison: Students Loans vs. Potential Salary after Graduation
    Thinking about what your student loan repayment schedule might consist of prior to enrollment in college is an admirable assessment to be making. Obviously the exact figures can only be calculated when the variable amounts are disclosed: tuition cost, rate of interest, months allotted for repayment etc.; and your financial...
  • I Majored in Psychology – Now What?
    The Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology: Getting That First Job Throughout history there have been reports of an odd sounding noise flooding the halls of psychology departments on campuses across the nation. The source? It seems that the tone and tenor of millions of psychology undergrads scratching their heads has culminated...

Meet The Experts

  • Christian Dean

    Expert Counselor

    Christian J. Dean is a proud veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom III and is still on active duty in...
  • Megan Bearce

    Marriage Family Therapist

    Megan Bearce was in middle school when her classmates began to call her “the shrink.” Interestingly, she never considered...
  • Dr. Tracy Thomas, Ph.D.


    Before becoming a licensed therapist, Tracy Thomas, Ph.D. was a well-established, extremely successful corporate businesswoman. Utilizing her innate talents and...
  • Ramani Durvasula, Ph.D.

    Therapist / Clinical Psychologist

    In addition to being a licensed clinical psychologist and Professor of Psychology at California State University, Los...